Ep. 17 - Eco-Friendly Charcuterie

Eli Cairo, Owner and Founder of Olympia Provisions, Oregon’s first USDA-approved salumeria, could not be more excited about the work his team is doing to create delicious, traditionally hand-crafted cured meats that utilize the whole animal to reduce waste and support the environment. We chat about how restaurants, farmers, and consumers all play a role in reducing food waste, and the strengths of both the European and American food cultures.

What is Eli's top tip for eating healthfully and supporting your community and environment? Try buying food (especially meat!) directly from farmers at a farmers market. When we buy meat directly from farmers, they receive the biggest percentage of profit. Also, when we buy a whole or part of an animal (ie - 1/4 cow), we learn how to eat the whole animal and reduce waste.