Ep. 16 - Sourdough (lower gluten) Wood Fired Bread

I loved having the opportunity to interview Tissa Stein, owner and founder of Tabor Bread in SE Portland. Tabor Bread daily bakes 100% long-fermented, wood-fired breads using house milled local grains. Tabor Bread values traditional bread baking methods that we discuss on the show, including:

  • Daily, In House Grain Milling: Allows for sourcing from smaller local farms that do not have their own milling operations. Milling the grains fresh daily ensure you are getting the freshest flour with the most flavor and nutrient content.
  • Long fermentation: This starts the process of digesting the bread before you even eat it and reduces gluten content, making Tabor Bread much more tolerable to folks who struggle with gluten sensitivity. Fermentation also enhances the nutrient content of the bread - especially B vitamins.

We also discuss the differences between using wild yeast (through fermentation) and commercial yeast you can buy at the grocery store... the long and the short of it is that these two processes could not be more different!

What are Tissa's top tips for eating healthfully and supporting your community and environment? Give yourself a longer fast period to allow your digestive organs time to rest. Also, just relax - our bodies respond to the influence of food but also to our attitude and perspective on life.

You can find Tabor Bread online here and find directions to their wonderful bakery in SE Portland. You can also follow them on Instagram and Facebook