Ep. 14 - How to eat local in the winter

Kelly Merrick, Communications Manager at Portland Farmers Market, shares lots of suggestions for how to eat locally in the winter. We also discuss:

  • How excited farmers at the market are to tell you about their farm, and how they love getting questions. Don't be afraid to ask!
  • Longer storage options for winter veggies... here are a few resources for minimizing food waste at home: The Eat Smart, Waste Less Challenge and Waste Free Kitchen
  • Cooking demos and classes at the summer markets that help folks learn new ways to make whatever is in season

What is Kelly's top tip for eating healthfully and supporting your community and environment? Get the next generation eating locally by taking your kids to the farmers market. The produce tastes better when it's fresh and in season, and if they eat more fruits and veggies, you probably will too!

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