Ep. 1 - Feeding a Village with Heart 2 Heart Farms

For the first episode of The Portland Eats Podcast, I interview Tyler and Liz Boggs from Heart 2 Heart Farms in Sherwood, Oregon. Heart 2 Heart Farms sells meat, eggs, raw dairy, and vegetables through their CSA program, offers work trade options, and hosts a daily food pantry. What do Tyler and Liz think is the ONE thing you can do to improve your eating or food purchasing habits to benefit their health, the environment, and our community?

Tyler: Get your hands in the dirt! Find a local farm that will allow you to volunteer or work trade.

Liz: Decide to invest in your health. Make it a priority!

You can find Heart 2 Heart Farms online at https://www.heart2heartfarms.com/. Contact them to set up an appointment to visit the farm, learn more about becoming a CSA member or a work trader, or take a class at the farm. You can also follow them on Facebook.