Ep. 13 - How much sugar and probiotics are in your kombucha?

A very enlightening interview with Jean-Pierre Parent, owner of SOMA Kombucha in Portland, OR. He shares his insight on:

  • The benefits of kombucha to cognitive function, skin health, hormonal balance, and digestive comfort.
  • How to easily and affordably determine the sugar and probiotic content of kombucha.
  • A novel invention of SOMA's called coffee-boocha... get the cold-brew flavor without the caffeine roller coaster.

What are Jean-Pierre's top two tips for eating healthfully and supporting your community and environment? 1. Listen to your body and the effects that various foods have on you. 2. Sprout at home! Buy some alfalfa or broccoli seeds, and sprout them at home in just a minute or two a day for incredible enzymatic and nutrient benefit.

A couple of resources referenced in the interview:

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