Ep. 8 - How to afford a CSA share with Love Farm Organics

Amy Love and Kips Bichsel from Love Farm Organics share incredible insight in this episode on:

  • How the Double Up Food Bucks Program allows SNAP members to buy a CSA share for 36% off AND pay monthly vs up front
  • How Love Farm Organic's CSA pickup host program can allow anyone to receive deep discounts on CSA shares... depending on where you live or how many friends you can recruit :)
  • Some of the reasons farms may not be certified organic, despite using the same growing practices
  • How adding more variety (or more "chaos") to a farm can prevent pests and disease

I hope you'll listen, AND share this episode with anyone you know who is a SNAP member or who is struggling to afford local, organic produce!

What do Amy and Kips think is the ONE thing you can do to improve your eating or food purchasing habits to benefit their health, the environment, and our community? Other than join a CSA program... of course! ;)

Amy - Teach yourself how to cook. Cooking is a lost art, and so many folks say a barrier to doing a CSA program is being able to cook all the veggies. 

Kips - Talk to a farm. Learn about their worldview, their challenges, and how they see the consumer. It will help you understand food production and it will help change our whole food production model.

Learn more about Love Farm Organics and sign up for their CSA program (January - April) on their website. You can also follow them on Facebook and Instagram