Ep. 9 - Gluten + Dairy Free Meal Delivery in Portland

Megan Benedict joins me from Fit Kitchen Direct, a gluten, dairy, vegetable oil, and refined sweetener free meal delivery service in Portland. We discuss:

  • How having healthy meals delivered can help with weight loss goals, families spending more time together, and lots of other personal goals.
  • Why they chose to avoid gluten, dairy, vegetable oils and refined sugars, and how this benefits you.
  • How 2018 will bring an even bigger focus to supporting local farms.

What does Megan think is the ONE thing you can do to improve your eating or food purchasing habits to benefit their health, the environment, and our community? Buy fruits and veggies first at the grocery store, and stick to the outside of the store! The middle section is where most of the processed food is, so avoid that. And when you buy produce, find the local stuff. It will be the most nutritious, tasty, and support local farmers.

Find Fit Kitchen Direct here to order your first meal: no weekly commitment required, and meals will deliver to your house on Sunday cooked and ready to eat. You can also follow them on Instagram.