Ep. 3 - Slavery-Free Sourcing with Creo Chocolate

In this session of The Portland Eats Podcast, Janet Straub of Creo Chocolate and I discuss how sourcing cacao beans from a single farm increases accountability, quality, and taste in chocolate. We also discuss how bean-to-bar farming and connecting folks to the food creation process can strengthen the community. 

What does Janet think is the ONE thing you can do to improve your eating or food purchasing habits to benefit their health, the environment, and our community? Stop and taste the chocolate! Every bite has a story. Our lifestyle is so busy, and to really appreciate the community we live in and the food we eat, we need to stop and slow down. 

You can buy Creo Chocolate online and they will ship anywhere in the US, or in Portland you can book a (super fun!) bean-to-bar tour at their NE Portland store or just make your way there to buy a delicious chocolate bar, truffle, or cup of drinking chocolate. You can also follow Creo Chocolate on Facebook.

Links referenced in the episode:

The Dark Side of Chocolate Documentary (view free on Youtube)

My reflections on The Dark Side of Chocolate

The Slow Down Diet by Marc David