The Live & Eat Community Group

A supportive group of like-minded individuals making health a way of life.

WhY join the Live & Eat Community Group?

  • Stay on track to your health goals with monthly live sessions on Facebook Live offering practical nutrition tips and checking in on your progress
  • Eat healthy food without getting bored with a week's worth of meal planning in your inbox each month
  • Be empowered by hearing success stories from others who have reached goals in their own health journeys
  • Get accountability to keep you on track toward your health goals within a busy work, home, or social life
  • Feel support and encouragement from others seeking to live healthfully even when it’s against the grain
  • Gain confidence that you are part of a community who has got your back with recipe and restaurant ideas, useful strategies, and listening ears for venting frustrations

Who facilitates the Live & Eat Community Group?

I do! My name is Barb Skinner and I am a nutrition coach who helps busy professionals find relief from energy swings, nagging pain, and constant food cravings so they can live and work energized. Read more of my story here.

This group is a safe space for collaboration, so really we all facilitate it!

How does the Live & Eat Community Group work?

The Live & Eat Community Group exists in a closed Facebook Group. The main event each month is an hour-long meet up via Facebook Live focused on topics that help YOU achieve your health goals. There will be time during each live session for me to share nutrition education, tips, and resources, and we also spend time discussing how that relates to your health goals. 

Prior to the workshop, members will receive a workbook that includes a couple questions they can answer ahead of time and submit to me if you'd like the additional accountability. My goal is to tailor the workshops to your specific needs.

When will the live meet ups take place?

Once a month on Mondays from 5:30-6:30 pm PT. We’ll give that a shot and see if it works for everyone… if not, we’ll move it.

What if I can’t make the live meet ups? Is it still worth joining?

Yes! You can watch the video any time in our Facebook group and post your questions there for me to reply or address in our next meet up.

My friend may want to join but has never done a RESTART class or worked with you. Can she or he join?

Of course! This community is open to anyone, and as my way of saying thank you for growing our tribe, I’ll give you one month free when your friend signs up.

Ready to join?

Become a member of the Live & Eat Community Group and gain access to all the above benefits for just $17 / month

More questions?

Drop me an email here!