Hi! I'm Barb.

Whole Foods Diet

I spent almost 2 years frustrated and confused as to why my body couldn't "bounce back" after the birth control pill and why I couldn't get pregnant. I dealt with sleepless nights and exhausted days, erratic periods, and weight gain, trying every nutrition and lifestyle hack I could think of to "fix it".

But now...

I'm pregnant with my first! I'm due late May 2018 and SO thrilled. Also, my energy and sleep are much better (well, the first trimester was a little rough!), and best of all I have renewed confidence in my ability to determine the right foods and exercise for me in this phase of my life. 

How did I get here?

I spent a lot of time experimenting with different dietary approaches, lifestyle changes, and gut healing protocols. First, I think that time healed this wound. But not just time. Time spent constantly reframing my mindset and reminding myself that I am beautiful and my body is capable of healing.

I did very specific gut and adrenal healing work. I learned that I had bacterial imbalances and yeast overgrowth, which I was able to correct by making targeted dietary changes and removing food sensitivities for a period of time, then reintroducing them slowly.

I removed physical and emotional stressors from my life as best I could and prioritized rest.

And I prayed. I opened up to my community that I was broken in this area and needed healing. I believe that my healing truly came from my merciful God who hears our prayers, and that these other steps were merely the method of healing God used.

I believe success in health is almost never linear. This graph explains it well:



Do you want to heal your hormones this way too?

I would love to help you. I am looking to work one-on-one with more ladies who dream of getting their energy back, sleeping better again, getting their regular cycle back, or getting pregnant (and have a healthy pregnancy and baby of course).

Are you...

  • Recently off the birth control pill but anxious that you have had no cycle (or irregular cycles)
  • Confused and concerned (and maybe feel a little betrayed that you never knew) about the side effects of the birth control pill and want to dig in and understand what steps you need to take to heal
  • Exhausted from lying awake at night and unable to sleep, no matter what tricks you try
  • Trying to conceive and frustrated that you can't figure out why you can't get pregnant
  • Embarrassed and struggling with self-shame because you've gained a little extra weight even though your diet and exercise have stayed the same
  • Sick of seeing all the conflicting news reports of what we should and shouldn't eat, and feel like you've lost confidence that you are capable of choosing the right foods

I would love to help you.

These are all things I have personally walked through - and to be honest, some of them I'm still walking through. Healing is a process, and it's not a one-size-fits-all thing. I've gotten nutrition and lab testing certifications, read book after book, and made myself a guinea pig so I could figure this out for myself. I'd love to share what I've learned with you.

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What will we do together?

Mindset, proper nutrition, and the right balance of movement + rest are critical to healing. We'll talk about all these things and come up with manageable action steps at each session for you.

We will determine which functional lab test(s) would best serve to understand and correct hormonal imbalances may be preventing you from healing, even if you're doing everything right with diet and exercise!

We will put together a 3 to 6 month plan to target your health concerns and get your hormones balanced, so you can get your energy, your cycle, and your life back.

Work with me.